My Random Thoughts and Experiences

Friday, December 14, 2007

Module 4

This last module was very easy compared to the previous two. I think it was easier because i had used the program before and there were less formulas and formatting. The new things i learnt here were the usage of charts and tables. I also have never used the auto wizard before. I am glad i have gone through this class because i can use all these applications to their full potential.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Module 3

This was a huge task for me because i have never used Access before and i do not know anything about it unlike the rest of the Microsoft office applications. I have learnt a few things over the past weeks how one can make reports easier and condense wastage of time and paper to do reports. i can imagine that this tool would be a great tool for researchers minimizing their findings and sorting out their reports. I hope to master this program more as time goes on. The formulars were the ones i had a little trouble with as I was not sure what symbols to use or not to use.