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Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am in the design/architecture industry and we are bombarded everyday on how to be GREEN. Green design, Green design Green Design. So since i am still compiling material for the continuation of Naija style love letters in pidgin, i thought i'd share this.

I just completed one of Algore's book(the inconvenient Truth) about how we are damaging this planet, i began to think of ways to BE GREEN. Then i realized that many of my naija friends including some other African friends and I were kinda born GREEN.

So when i see my friends in school try to be GREEN by buying recycled "finished"products, earth friendly products,....(i just saw these Green dresses on Project Runway last night.) That reminds me.... my teacher also showed me a carpet that could be eaten.....hmmm an edible carpet..Anyway back to my point, i think these people who go out of their way to buy recycled goods which are most likely more expensive are doing a good job at least for a start. But the fact is that most of these products that are so called GREEN still go thru a manufacturing process that probably still causes global warming.

Then i think about ways I was GREEN in naija without even knowing it and it did not cost me a dime. So i complied a list of things my friends, family did, and things i saw, heard that are 100% GREEN and don't cost anything...even they are economical....heres the list...grosse or not..they helped save this planet in some way

1. Torn pieces of a sack of rice used as a sponge for washing dishes
2. Old chair foam torn and also used as sponge for washing dishes

3. old ice-cream tubs as topper ware/fridge storage.

4. old coffee jars as condiment canisters like pepper and salt

5. old clothes as rags/mops (not sure if a good idea)

6. Rain water for dirty jobs (not sure if a good idea either)

7. Newspapers as wrapping paper.....especially for the "passing the parcel"

8. Newspaper for suya(beef kebab) boli(roasted plantains), roasted corn, peanuts..etc

9. offering bags instead of offering envelops. (common now lets save the trees)

I could go on and on with more ridiculous methods of "being GREEN", but the question is...were we concerned about recycling or was it just a way of economizing or just plain poverty? What were other ways you guys recycled without even knowing it?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Naija style Love letters part 1

Some years back, a friend and I used to write mockery love letters in Yoruba, pidgin and all sorts. They were strictly for fun so I decided to try my hands out again on a Yoruba love letter and see if I've improved on my "D7 WAEC" Yoruba (i know i failed oh, I was so useless). Anyway here is my rendition of a love letter written by a Guy to his beloved...Adufe. I'll add a translation for obvious reasons. Here it goes...

WARNING!: Ami (accents )might just not be correct but bear with me

Adùf...... owunmi lobìrin, oréké lé wà ọmgé nífé rè tori torùn, tèsè táyá, tojú, tẹ́nu
ùn lobìrin lá tokè dé ìsàlè. Tim bá tin ri ẹ áyá mi á ma gbìgbìgbì
lmgé ljè tutu
ìn awọ̀n mobìrin tí o wa lay yìí, iwo ni kàn mi yàn
To b
á kọ̀ látì fẹ́ mi, mo má pá rá mi si lórùn
á e temi..emi náà fẹ́ e tí
ọ̀n sisi p ni gbóró tí mo fí yan
ùn jú gbógbó cranberry juice lay yìí ati rún....

Adùf baby mi... jọ́wọ̀ dákun e temi.....babi yii jóò
mo f
í ásík yìí élérí fún wípé nígbò jò, nígborùn, bí ìlẹ́ bán jó, bólẹ̀ bán já, tí ẹ ní mó má é lojokojo

ni tóòt
k Adùf

Adufe...a woman of my choice, beautiful young damsel. I love you from head to toe
Sweet lady from top to bottom. Whenever I set my eyes on heart beats fast
Cool calm and collected beautiful damsel
Of all the women in the world, you are my hearts choice
If you fail to be with me, I can kill myself
Be mine, I want to be yours
There are many women in the world but i picked you
You are the sweetest juice ever
Baby please, be mine, please now,
I want to use this time to let you know that in all weather conditions and disasters, I'll be yours at all time

Truly Yours
Adufe's Boo

Thanks to everyone who helped in giving me a line or two charizard, Wellsbaba
stolen or original, used or not used..thanks. And to the guys that might wanna steal this and use for their babes........ feel I'd like to do a pidgin one too..but if you have such lines please share. I am pidgin challenged sometimes. I'll quote you MLA style..thanks