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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yoruba Novelty Card draft

My first try at making a Yoruba novelty card.
Front card- Olomi jojolo (my little darling)
Inside card- Je kin fi owo ba e je (Let me use money to spoil you)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Camping Trip

Last weekend i went camping with my house mates. I have never gone camping before (the real one) and i suddenly developed an interest when GNG had blogged about it.
I headed of to Maunch chunk lake in Pennsylvania, an hour and a half drive away from me. It was really a drive through the woods. At several times i got so scared because i was the only one on a narrow road with trees high as the sky for about 15 mins. I mean could barely even see they sky. Anyway i got there and i had missed the rock climbing, hiking and bike riding experience..i was a little bombed about that, but then again, when i tried to picture my self trying to lift my behind on a rocky mountain...i laugh and thank God i missed it.
We got to the camp site and sat around the fire eating steak, boiled clams and playing music. I had the drums to beat on (i guess i was the only black person there, so i had to show my rhythmic skills). After, we played some weird game called slack line. Its where you tie a rope to two trees and try to steadily walk on the rope without falling. Chei!, i tried it oh , but as i put one leg on whole body was just i was dancing shina peters. After 5 trys, I gave up so as not to embarrass my dear self. We ended the night and went to sleep and it was the most uncomfortable sleep I've slept in a while. I did however wake up with a toad in my tent hopping away. I wonder if it was supposed to be my prince i will never find out oh, cos it did not wait for me to kiss it...stupid frog.
I did have a very calming time away from civilization, but i couldn't help but think what a different experience i would have had if i had gone with my Naija we would have had some serious fun. First of all the food would have been slamming, i mean i can bet my life that someone would have cooked at least jollof rice. (you hear cook outs and BBQ's and some how...J-rice just has to find its way in)
I also know we would have had some stimulating argument on naija politics or Obama or We would have done our own Karaoke to Yahooze or Gongo aso.
Anyway I owe this experience to Good naija girl , cos she got me thinking about the whole camping thing. Maybe someday we would get to camp in Canadarrrr i have a friend who says canadar with the rolling R and Eforr too...weird)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What would you be remembered for?

I think about what my purpose is for this life. I do want to be remembered for something and leave my mark on this earth. Then i wonder how all these great people left their names even those that are still living.. Their names are synonyms for some kind of achievement...good or bad
Like when someone says "men...that chic is a Margret thatcher"(first female prime minister of England) everyone knows you can't mess with that chic cos she is fire. Here are a list of names and their synonyms,

Ben Johnson - running fast outta there (100m olympic runner)
Mother Theresa- Charitable (a nun that was charitable)
Cliford Orji - Human eater (a lagosian that ate other lagosians)
MJ Michael Jackson- Rocker/ Dancer
Dangote Rich man (Nigerians billionaire)
Bill gates Wealthy man (Microsoft)
Warren Buffet Very wealthy man (richest man in the world)
Domitila Ashewo (nigerian movie about a prostitute)
Hitler - wicked person (Adolf hitler, creator of the holocaust)
Martha Stewart- Jack of all trades ..but recently..jail bird
Denzel - One very fine bobo (Hollywood actor)
Osama- hmm i'll leave that one for your imagination...i've already gotten SSS come look for my humble self before..long story
MufunMula Olowo tin fowo shanu... (Rich man that gives charity) (this one is strictly for Ibadan folks) don't know his full name

I can't think of any other right now. The point is that i would like my name to be synonymous for something great... even the likes of Micheal Phelps and Usani Bolt are already working towards that as a pool beast and a track beast .


Anyway that just too long as a synonym but i would like to be known for my contributions to oppressed people.

What would your name be synonymous for?

i want to make a sentence using the names above........

Men, my heartbeat is racing like Ben Johnson, because my wife caught me with some Domitila looking girl. Its not my fault that the women love me, it cos of my Denzel looks and my Bill gates wallet. If she is not careful i would just Osama my way outta this marriage......

Wanna try....N20.00 to anyone who succesfully used

Vote for sasha for best female video HERE

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Naija Style Love letters II (Pidgin)

After much searching for material from my brain of my limited pidgin resources, I have finally finished my love letter in pidgin. I think i prefer the Yoruba one or what do you think? Yoruba has away of making things sound heavy. Please fluent pidgin people...i tried oh but i have some kind of handicap....So this is my So Solomonsydelle feel free to use it oh.

Bonaventure my bobo, I dey hail u oh….una well done . U too fine pass all the bobo wey full ground.

The kain tin wey dey do me na say, na soso anytime wey my eyes dey connect with una, na so my heart go dey do marathon.

If I take my eye look anoda bobo, walahi…e no go beta for dat kain eye.

Sugarpie, I gbadun you pass my mama (insert your own food)

If you no gree for me, I go take my head knack for ground

Honeypie, All the pikin wey I for born……na only u I wan born am for.

Anytime wey I dey by ur side, I know sey,,, better go dey for okra soup

Bonnypie, Abeg this love wey I get for you pass love wey pass all.

Forever and ever titi lailai na me only go be for you and na you go be for me

Na me oh
Lovette (your boo boo)