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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Biden and all that Jazz

I am so tempted to do a post of my recent encounter with the office of the district attorney in my county, thats why it has been hard to come up with another topic. I would post the details after the trial is over..all i would say is I was.. and is going to be an expert witness he he he...and to others..i might be Law and Order SVU here i come.
Anyhow, i'll just do a quick post about my meeting with Joe Biden. all began on a warm summer morning. ...bird's chirping, butterflies frolicking... squirrels and rabbits shagging..ok Let me stop. I actually woke up labor day morning to go to school and do some work, but as i stepped out of my house..i saw news agents vans..SSS...police...multitudes of people on the street. Hmmm my street that only people half way to the grave reside there.It was great to see most of my neighbours for the first time..all with breathing tanks, scooters, walkers and adult diapers perharps? I wondered why there was so many people and then i asked around and they said Joe Biden was in one of the houses holding a function. For all those who might not know who Joe Biden is...he is the Vice President pick for Obama in the Nov 4 U.S presidential elections. Anyway I was excited that i was going to meet a probable vice president of a country. Well, after two hours of roasting in the hot sun, (who send me message) and these ugly SSS people frisking us...(i thought all SSS were cute...wrong) as if na Biden we go bomb? I mean Joe who? Well he finally came out signed autographs and i caught myself waving back at him....i was mad i did that..i always like to keep my cool ...not like it was Obamasexy or Hillarysexy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Crotch or The Cleavage

There was this game show I saw on tv of how people were supposed to go through a hole in the wall..Anyway my issue was that everyone wore this metallic silver body suit to play the game. Now, we know that a metallic silver body suit shows all contours and all protrusions and i noticed my eyes kept wandering to the men's crotch area. I was fascinated at the different curves,lines,shapes..generally all elements of design of that groin region. (I am into arts oh) Then i had an AHA moment and realized why most men never pay attention to the face when having a conversation with a female wearing a low cut shirt. I realized that it was very fascinating to see just the different groin area sizes and i realized cleavage also comes in different sizes so maybe thats why they get stared down more.

First of all i am wondering if my weird assumptions are true or are there more reasons to why eyes wander? I would also like to do more research on that area and would love if all men wore metallic silver bodysuits so they know exactly how it feels when people do not pay attention to the face but look at a significant part of the body while in conversation.

Another rant
After my ongoing conversation with the RAM, i decide to put up some statement on my facebook status saying " Why do i have to be a man to sound intelligent" Now i have had it for about a week up, and i've been getting many messages ONLY from guys either agreeing,disagreeing, appologetic, or giving explanations to why that is. I wondered if ALL men actually feel sorry about sexism and gender inequalities. Mind you no female made mention of my status statment...maybe they agreed in silence or disagreed in annoyance..i'll never know.

I really don't like doing blog public service announcement on here but....

Heres a blog y'all should try out...really nice writing style

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Ordeal with the

I had previously wanted to do a post on witches and all that Jazz but since wellsbaba beat me to the post flew out of my brain. Actually it was about the prevalence of witches in naija/ Africa (ok when next i say naija..i mean the whole of Africa...does that sound ignorant?) ok ..i repeat the prevalence of witches in naija and the lack there of or lack of fear of them here in the so called western world.

Most naija people fear witches or evil that when people are traveling they don't tell people, when women are pregnant they don't tell... until they show and when they show..they remain in doors. Receiving sprayed money at wedding is wahala...not because of EFCC but because of the fear of an evil spirit prophesying evilness into the money and slamming it on your dancing face. So many superstitions and so many fear of this and that and this ana...
However, in the west ( i would speak for the US since thats where i am based), people are not really afraid of witches...even naija people..they are more open to say when their due date is or the sex of their baby....they'd tell you everything and not worry about witch A or witch B that would eat their babies or fry their ovaries.

SO my question is... are these witches just naija based or the ones here are on a different level..cos frankly i think all them fortune tellers and madames...are witches in some way.

OK i think i did a good job in trying to remember my post sha but i'll add some ranting.....ok i got this facebook invitation to a group called Dapo "Lam" Adesina for House of Rep. for Oyo state..2011. NOW any of you who don't know, Dapo "Lam" Adesina...he is the son of former Governor of Oyo state, Lam Or Lamidi or Ram Adesina....but those were the names he was known by when he was in office. Now i've heard silly stories of this young Dapo Lam guy of how his dad awarded him contracts and he handled it "badly"..thats all i'd say for now. Anyway, i was kinda mad, so i wanted to blast him on this facebook group thing..then i saw how others were blasting him and some praising him also..its a weird group.
Anyway, I decided to be tactful and give him the benefit of the doubt that he might just do some good...but i tried not to bulshit..i'll post our conversation

Femi B
at 8:08pm on August 31st, 2008
All i'll say is i hope you don't bullshit...I hope your intension's are genuine unless..... there would be repercussions. I would not say your dad was that great of a GOv, cos frankly there have been more useless GOvs in Oyo state, so its hard to compare. Notwithstanding, one cannot punish you for sins your dad may or may not have committed. Its up to you to determine if you'd create a great name for yourself and not hide under daddies agbada. I dont seem to hear too many great stories about you...but I guess thats why you have to prove them wrong. I like your ambition...just dont screw it up...prepare yourself well well and stop with the" que sera sera" nonsense . If someone asks you for a manifesto...prepare a damn manifesto even if we are still in 2008

someone had asked for a manifesto and his answer was que cerra cerra..(what will be will be)...WTF!!

Dapo Lam Adesina wrote
at 4:24pm on September 2nd, 2008
Mr femi beckley thanks for the comments.Taken note of the points.A manifesto on facebook dont u think i wld be a clown.i have heard a lot bout u 2.Is your father Chief bayo beckley?Bodija,ibadan.besides former cottons club?very interesting

Imagine the lad had the audacity to call me a MR. and say he 's heard about me???
Femi B wrote
at 5:32pm on September 3rd, 2008
Mr Dapo "Lam" Adesina frankly i think you should loose the "lam" but hey ..its not my business. Anyway you might not be a clown, but you do crack jokes as I am not a MR. I am 100% all FEMALE. You are correct about your assumptions. however, you dont need to put a detailed manifesto on Fb... All i was saying was if u indeed have good intentions(manifesto/platform) for Oyo state, tell that guy what they are ..vaguely . for instance...nah let me stop never know i might be your opposing candidate for

At least he could have stated Oyo states pertinent issues that he is passionate about and given a summary of how he might tackle it..or just list the issues facing oyo state...i mean what exactly makes you want to represent Oyo state in Abuja???

Dapo Lam Adesina wrote
at 5:05am yesterday
femi i am very sorry i reffered to u as masculine.Hope my apologies are accepted?I really do appreciate ur comments.i wont mind having you as my opponent,sure it wld be a smooth ride 4 out when the time comes for the real manifesto and not some child play on fb.i can assure u i av very pure intentions and the Lam thing i cant cos i am proud of it.The questions i am sure ur pop knows a lot bout my fathers achievement cos he was a local government chairman when my pop was n govt.Hope that answers.thank u so much,u are appreciated

In ma mind.,.apology accepted..but wetin concern my dad.. with the price of fish in Onitsha ? and saying I'd be a smooth i indeed wanted to bring out my viscious feminist side and eat him alive....but then again i thought that i'll only unleash the feminist bitch in me when it is absolutely necessary...i dont want people thinking I am those feminists that burn bras and dont shave their armpits and legs.....and i still strongly believe in
Anyway i also want to give him the benefit of the doubt that the reason he said it would be a smooth race for him if i ran against him ..would not be because I am FEMALE........

Imagine other people replying me and saying oh I have guts for a woman....are u saying women dont have guts? Anyway I just thought i'd share...Funny enough when i told my father about the posts...he said he was proud of me probably cos i have shown interest in politics unlike my siblings.

***I wrote this post while attending online church...witches May fire continue to consume you amen*****