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Sunday, February 24, 2008

New calling in life

I have always known that there were a lot of goals i had outlined for myself. However, I found a new passion. My friends always told me i should be an activist of somewhat because i always raised issues about evil doings of us humans especially towards women. don't get me wrong, I still have my passion for art and design but the same way a father loves his three daughters equally is the same way i have found a new love in my life which is raising issues. I found this full revelation a couple of days ago while i was watching a you tube posting of New dawn with Funmi Iyanda. I was listening to a woman discuss her passion/irritation about the new proposed bill on indecent dressing in Nigeria. I was so excited about her enthusiasm and i say i have never felt so excited about anything as much as i did, when i was watching her. When i discussed my excitement with a fellow friend, he joked with me and told me i had an "activists orgasm" whatever that means. Now i know that i have this passion, what exactly do i do about it? How do i go about helping others that cant help themselves. How can i speak for women who are being subdued everyday in their lives. Well i say i would start from somewhere. So i intend to continue blogging and join this new craze in finding how i can air my frustrations without yelling at my friends in the process.
Anyway i don't think i can end this post without airing my views on this ridiculous bill on In descent dressing. I am a born again Christian; but sometimes, Nigerians need to remove religion from their government at least in some instances. "indecent dressing" is a moral issue, so why should the government feel they need to impose a law on our moral behavior. Well if so, I say they need to pass other bill telling us how to live our lives and while at it, tell us how to run our families and give husband and wives rules to consummate their marriage. Ridiculous isnt it? i read that the Senator Ekaete who is the front runner of this bill in her good heart says that she is trying to reduce cases of rape . That there is a high volume of rape cases in the country and yes, it is caused by females "indecent dressing" what ever that phrase means. So this lady decided to punish women and punish victims for the crime a man does. How in the world would you want to frustrate more the lives of women to appease men. This has got to stop. This case reminds me of a woman who finds out her husband is cheating on her and decides to confront him. She confronts him and all hell come down as both start exchanging blows, and of course we all know who wins the domestic squabble. Trying to counsel the couple, the family member scolds the man a tiny beat and then asks the wife to kneel down and beg her husband.....WTF!!!!!!!! Well i guess in a country like Nigeria, no matter what the man does, the woman is to be punished for the mans evil doings. I have to stop here cos i might just take my anger on this poor keyboard.