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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Moving back and forth

I've been thinking of moving back to Nigeria for a while now but at times, i get excited about the thought and other times, I get scared so i decided to weigh my silly options here. I'll be adding from time to time. Sometimes its the silliest things that really matter.

Reasons for moving back to Naija
1. tired of North America.... most aspects, food, taxes etc
2. I truthfully would like to give back to naija. I rather be a big fish in a lil pond than a lil fish in a lil pond...huh?
3. I miss my family
4. Im tired of America,
5. I hate the cold
6. miss naija's Sweet fruits, boli and epa (roasted plantains and peanuts sold on the street)
7. Suya and aboki stores( street corner stores)
8. beginning my path to becoming Nigeria's first female
9. I have a chieftancy title waiting for Iyalode Ajagun rocker
10. wearing layers during winter..i hate it so much

Reasons to stay in america
1. Walmart
2. Walmart
3. Walmart...where in Naija would i get to buy chicken, do a pedicure , get an oil change , buy a hammer, and pepto bismo all in one place for cheap.
4. The fact that I can go anywhere at anytime of the night without worrying about armed robbers. i mean while in naija on holidays everyone is on lock and key after 8pm unless they are staying out at night for the whole night
5. Specialty stores like AC more (craft store), MAC store , Bargain shopping etc
6. Big ass bell peppers
9. NEPA/ PHCN (power company responsible for power cuts and black outs)
10. Heat in Nigeria
11. Road trips. i love traveling by road but not me driving, and lets face i,t there are better roads and sane drivers here
12. Restaurants...not to say there aint restaurants in naija, only that they are almost all the same... not too much variety or fine dining.
13. Things in naija are just too expensive


Good Naija Girl said...

Well, you know the solution then: spend half a year in each place, thereby reaping the benefits of each.

(You are independently wealthy, right?)

I miss boli and epa too! I keep trying to find epa that tastes as good as Nigeria's here but NO LUCK! And oh my gosh, the price of plantain here is getting prohibitive...I may have to start attending every Naija party I hear of just to get my hands on some dodo.

Lol at 8 and 9. You this woman!

Wow...this Walmart love is serious! Although, American Walmarts are about a zillion times better than the Canadian ones so I see what you mean.

Rofl at big ass bell peppers...I'm sorry but that is NOT a reason to stay in America (even though I love them too!). And yes, o, Naija is expensive. I think my cousins were expecting me to be scooping up things left and right and dropping Naira like it's going out of style but this concept of bargain shopping here has ruined me for overspending jare!

I think I already found you the perfect solution, so tell us when your 6 months in Nigeria begins ok?

Dabizniz said...

Nigeria is home we should all go back at some point and not catch the last bus.

I am surprised you did not mention security as a reason not to go

Rita said...

This your picture is not encouraging at all :-)

Come back and stay for some time...if you can't stand it after 3 months relocate to somewhere else...

Just...Toluwa said...

naija is a scary place! bt the one thing u shld think abt is...having connections in naija, bcos dts one way to get things done!

bumight said...

If walmart is ur reason for staying in yankee, we dont want u anymore! schew!!!

seriously though, security of going out anytime i want to is a huge plus for yankee, i also dont like their phone plans in naija.

there are some good restaurants in naija o!

Anonymous said...

I just wrote a post similar to this. But I guess two heads are berra than one.

Buttercup said...

seems like a tough decision, eh? good luck making it!!!

Kémi Penélopê said...

Still Naija is a wonderful place to be...
You should maybe think of setting-up a Walmart in Nigeria...What do you think?

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

Everybody seems to be writing this post!! I soon write mine sha ...

Naija is good place , there are places to get a pedicure! lol come on they aint that behind ... there are good restraunths aswell ...with variety ..but ver exspensive! So if u have the money 2enjoy urself madam go 4 it! u want be president well good luck ma lol
nice blog , check mine im new o.
tk cre

Geebee said...

You seem to have more reasons to stay put in America than reasons to come back home to naija. . . Walmart topping the list. Can u imagine. Come this woman, the palms in lekki is hardly different from Walmart o. Since we both have ambitions of running for President and we are in thesame age grade, our paths might likely clash so pls feel free to remain in America. Leave Naija for us, you unpatriotic citizen. lol. Seriously now, things would definitely get better over here. in terms of security, power supply, healthcare etc. . its just a matter of time. Pada wale o!

Enkay said...

hehehe! You just made it clear you still want to remain there! lol!

seye said...

Let me add that you should come back. MONEY DEY FOR POLITICS PASS AME!
And since you'd be the first female president, well..the sky is not the limit


i femi, for many of us who have been away from Naija for far too long, we romanticize the place. Personally, all I can think about is suya, jollof rice and tapioka at owambe parties and being surrounded by my family whether I like it or not.

And then it hits me, Lagos traffic/ Abuja heat, family members that want more from you than you are willing to give, having to 'grease' the right palms to get things done and missing out on 6 am drives to Walmart just to walk around in peace and pick up toys for my kids.

Its a hard decision, and no matter the disadvantages, Naija beckons. I just hope that when we finally pack up to go, the package will be just right.

How you dey, sha?

Deetee007 said...

Plenty things i miss about nja. But the decision is just getting harder by the day...

I don tire for yankee men

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