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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Words that make me cringe

Men, I have been MIA for a while. I am writing this thesis of mine, that if I put the topic up here, y'all think it was the most boring amalgamation of words ever... but i am actually having fun with it. I am so busy with it and my adviser is also being a pain in the .... Anyway, I have noticed that when talking or writing there are some words that make me cringe, blush, or get angry when I hear them. I try not to use such words and find substitutes for them. Below is a list of the words I don’t like to use or hear

Breasts – I hate that word, I’d only use it when I say chicken breast. I rather boobs, tits, teetes, bresconyan, chestices, breastices, manchesty etc

Ladies – oh my! I don’t like all that formality, it’s like someone calling me a beautiful damsel. I rather, females, girl, chic, babe, omoge, sisi,

Courtship – eww, like we are in the 13th century in the days of Constantine IV. I mean whats wrong with the words dating, relationship, shag buddies, etc

Handset/ GSM – these are usually for my naija people. I mean what’s wrong with calling it what it is, errr.. a cell phone, mobile phone or just plane phone.

Menstrual Cycle/ Menses – just say period or aunty flo, and why the hell does it have to start with MEN.. I bet some guy coined the word to crack an insensitive joke…lol..damn females can never have their way

Deflowered (as related to virgins) – What the hell? I wonder who first considered their hymen to be a flower….well one might think the name or place sounds or looks flowery…

Machine- This is also for my naija folks, it’s a scooter or a bike etc..

Male Nurse- if theres a male nurse can we say female nurse too? ok im being too picky but hey…

Then the regular swear words like Fuck, bitch,Cunt, Nigger/nigga/niggies/nigress/niggaz, pussy, (well only if I have to describe my newly learned dance called pussy popping….its very PG13 oh)

So what are those words y’all just hate to hear or you would rather die than use the word?

PS....*Private thought*: where in the hell do all the farts go? Do they evaporate, mix with the air, mix with other farts and make fart babies (damn that would be some serious smell) or just travel to the ocean, heaven or hemisphere?


bumight said...

Femi B! ur mind sef.
i cant believe these words that u dont like to hear.
so if i started telling you how i fell off a machine cos i was talking on my GSM handset, and i also happened to be on my menstrual cycle then so my breasts were tender. Thankfully the Male nurse that i had just started courtship with hadnt disflowered me yet...

you would just be multiple cringing abi?

Tigeress said...

Bumight- shldnt u be studying? lol!

lol@ aunty Flo. One word i hate hearing is Sweet when it's used to describe something intereting. e.g. that movie was sweet. WTH!!!!

Tigeress said...

btw, How are your sisters? Hope their good. :)

Femi B said...

My mind is the best place to be
I see you just want me to be cringing abi?

Yeah i don't like that too, its actually yoruba in film yen dun. ANd my sisters are fine oh

Repressed One said...

Ohhh i hate "Breast" too. Ugh

Just...Toluwa said...

menses...ewwww! gross! i just think its razz!

Good Naija Girl said...

lol @ Toluwa calling the word menses razz. Out of your list, that's the one that makes me cringe the most sha. The word looks and sounds ugly in my opinion.

I hate the word arse. It just bugs me.

Good Naija Girl said...

Oops! I also wanted to say I'm glad your thesis writing is going well. Tell us the title so we can yawn in boredom. Thesis titles are always so dull.

LG said...

lolll@menses and handset
i sooo hate it wen pple say "ashewo abi na ashawo??

omoge how u?

Tiwa said...

lol! that was funny! menses is just a very razz and cringey word and deflowered as well..WTH!
but breasts? that is a very normal word.. u just have to say it come on Brrrrreeeeeaaaassst. lol.

doug said...

For breasts I prefer "pom poms".

My most hated word/phrase is "my woman" when said about a persons girlfriend or wife. I loathe it.

PS - I will totally ignore that repugnant reference to

Thanks for stopping by mine

Buttercup said...

looooooooool i agree with all the words on ur list..

i also hate the word 'moreover'

glad ur thesis is going ok..

pling said...

I won't say I don't like some words, I mean I especially love breasts. The thing the bugs me though is when ppl just misuse words, like when someone is trying to describe a very bad situation and they think "bad" is just not adequate enough and use "worst"... doesn't make me cringe but just bugs me and makes me laugh at the same time.

aloted said...

lol...cant think of any right now..but majority on ur list is bad enuff for me...

menses is very razz..gross!



Woah, Femi, this is too much!


ChiefO said...

I was about to blog about something similar to this today. I'll still go ahead and blog about it anyway so I won't bother putting my words on here. as per ur private thots I thing I'm going to borrow that and make a day of the week private thots day on my blog. That's if I get myself to blog. Anyway how bout these.

Why 'menses' when u could say 'probation' . Why 'breasts' when u could say 'breasticles'

No those are not the words I intend to blog about.

Fope said...

there was a time the word pregnant made me was right after i found out HOW people got
sadly, i am now officially desensitized to curse words (one episode of "the wire" will do that to you in case you want to lose your cringiness).
pronunciation that makes me cringe - saying towel as TOW-WELL.
Lol @ own is the word vehicle

L-VII said...

Lol @ all those other worde you used to describe 'breasts'. Maybe it's something to do with Britain or British English, all the words you do not like, sans 'handset/gsm and menses' are used here. They're just par for the course I guess.

Geebee said...

One word that makes me cringe would be ‘hell’. I don’t know what it feels like but with the way we use the word, men that place seems extreme and I sure don’t wanna go there. I also hate the word 'babe' used for a girlfriend. It sounds stupid to me. Call a spade a spade. She's either your girlfriend or your fiancee or whatever. Boo still sounds more reasonable. Then the common one used by girls - 'as in'. Annoying. What's 'as in'? Sounds like Jenifa stunts. Lol @ the ‘deflowered’ and ‘machine’ words. On farts, really. Where do farts actually go? Just curious.

tps360 said...