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Sunday, July 5, 2009

So Long Obama

Femi B Has finally relocated to the 234 Zones ( Phew!!!!)

First things first, some house cleaning, So sorry ive been out of the sphere for so long, its unusual of me...first school, and then moving and other extra trimmings. Thanks to all those that checked on me and all those that did not.......

So in the span of when I was away....heres the few things that happened to me

- Graduated (finished my masters)
- Moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland to Nigeria
- Become Mrs emotionally sensitive

Men the first two are great, but the last one is scaring me, seems like some estrogen levels just kicked in cos femi b aint cry for shit but now its like i cry at the sigh of anything...Oprah, Americans next top model, reading some blogs, watching commercials ..i mean the weirdest things gets me all mushy. I wonder what phase im going thru, cos being a gal who would not even cry to Titanic, is now eyes balling to the silliest things. God help me.

So long Obama
I remember the first day i left Nigeria for the United States, I was so exicted and imagined what the air would look like, the sky would look like or how different the ground might be. Now leaving america, all i could think of was how I would no longer be referred to as yankee girl anymore. My wonderful title relinquished and boy would I miss walmart...yeah and my friends too.

Anyway i've begun a new life now and im about to embark on PROUDLY SERVING MY COUNTRY. NYSC.

Hope i continue blogging cos it seems like my interesting gist is diminishing


Good Naija Girl said...

Wow! I cannot believe you're in Naija now! I was thinking of you yesterday (I was! I'm not just saying that!) so I was happy to see this update.

I wish you every success and plenty of enjoyment.

Regarding becoming more emotional...maybe you're expecting a pikin? ;)

All the best in Naija...hope to hear from you now and then.

lol at missing is an amazing store.

You're an awesome person.

akaBagucci said...

WOW.. Thumbs up for you then! Keep repping... I do know schedules in Naij can be killing, so if you don't get to blog as much.. I'll understand...

LG said...

yesssso proudly 9ja

*welcome home dear

Funms-the rebirth said...

ur back??????/ woohoo! oh wait, i heard! where r u? holla!!!!!! im around too

clnmike said...

Best wish on your journey.

aloted said...

wow back to naija...lagos or ib?

all da best!

as per crying am thinking its just a phrase. hang in there

how is ur dad doing?

Diana Onyekachukwu Chukwurah said...

wow back to naija. I'm sure you will have more gist for us. I really wish you success and all the best.

p.s. I love walmart tooo!

Tairebabs said...

whoops just realized I was signed in as my god daughter. That was actually meant to be my comment.

Good luck once again.